The Most Luxurious Horse Barns You Won't Believe Exist

The Most Luxurious Horse Barns You Won't Believe Exist


luxury barn stable

One of the finest private equestrian estates in the world, this farm is absolutely stunning. And it can be yours right now for just $4,500,000...

The stable is part of the house making the estate feel like it is made for both you and your horses. Just look at the pictures and you'll understand how cool this estate is, I would love to live here!

luxury barn stable

You're literally living in a luxury barn mansion. Imagine having your horse just walking into your living room?!

luxury barn stable

The estate includes a 150x300 outdoor arena and countless riding tracks. And additional to that you'll have guest/groom apartments, two gracious three-level homes, a professional office with high-speed Internet and a viewing room with a kitchen and full bath provide further convenience.


Elk Run Ranch

Imagine living in a Ralph Lauren magazine, that would be like living on this ranch. This Colorado equestrian ranch has a 6,657 square feet house with five bedrooms standing on 150 acres. The stable has 4 stalls and a riding arena.

An exterior view of the barn.

The stable was built from scratch by the Williams who bought the house in 2012.

It has four stalls and a riding arena.

The stable includes a living area and an office, inspired by the Ralph Lauren all-American style.


A view of the property.The house itself is 6,657 square feet with five bedrooms sitting on 150 acres.

The kitchen.Williams bought the home for $5.754 million in 2012 and stripped out the interiors. The couple also redid the property with custom log and ironwork.


Figueras Polo Stables

The building, commissioned by professional Polo Player Nacho Figueras, is a stable for polo horses.

"The floor plan has two parts well distinguished by their functions. One has a more social use and overlooks the polo field, and the other, facing the back of the property, houses work facilities and groom’s quarters. The volumes that face the field are partially hidden behind extended walls and massive planted earth slopes, which not only provide privacy to the stables but also subtly reduce the building’s impact on the landscape. Only the center of the building is revealed, where a large water pond is located next to the covered exterior terraces and the tack room."

-The architects



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