10 Horse Gifts For Girls

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10 Horse Gifts For Girls

For a girl that loves horses, there are some gifts that are just more special than others. Do you have a little horse lover in your life you need to find something special for? Check out our list of fun and thoughtful horse gifts for girls they’ll be sure to love…

Something Special Just for Her…

1. Sterling Silver Lucky Horseshoe With Rose Gold Heart 

If your horse girl likes all things sparkly, then this is the perfect gift for her to wear proudly around her neck. Available here
horse shoe necklace

2. Running Horse Pendant Necklace

Does your horse girl wish she could run as free and fast as her beloved horses? Then this one speaks straight to her soul! Available here.
horse necklace

3. Double Stirrup Lariat Sterling Silver Necklace

This gorgeous necklace would make a perfect gift for any horse loving girl who loves to ride. If you like it so much you’d want one for yourself, get two so you can match! Shop for it here.


stirrups necklace


4. High-Quality Horse and Heart Chain Necklace

Looking for a horse gift for girls that they can keep close to their heart? Well, look no further! This stunning horse and heart is expertly crafted and made of high-quality alloy. Available here.


horse and heart necklace


5. Charm Style Rainbow Horse Earring and Necklace Set

Looking for a matching set of equine earrings and a necklace with a playful pop of color? Then this is perfect for your horse girl looking to show off her horse pride. Available here.


horse earring and necklace


6. Bedazzled Unicorn Charm Necklace

Does your little horse girl love horses and unicorns? Then she’ll love this bedazzled charm of magical unicorn. Available here.




7. Bit Hook Clasp Bracelet in Three Lovely Options

Whether your horse girl is into gold, silver or rose gold, this beautiful bracelet will look perfect on her wrist. Available here.


horse bracelet cute snaffe

Does your horse girl spend most of her time in the saddle? Then this bracelet is the perfect gift for her! Available here.


id rather be riding bracelet


For the Home…

9. Horse Encyclopedia

Thinking of horse gifts for girls that can also teach them a thing or two about the animals that they love the most? A horse encyclopedia is a great gift idea for a horse crazy kid who loves to read, too! Available here.


Horse book Encyclopedia


10. Horse Wall Calendar

What little girl doesn’t love a good wall calendar with their favorite animal on it? This pretty wall calendar will give your little equine enthusiast a new horse to feast her eyes on for all twelve months of the year. Available here.


Horse Wall Calendar