Affordable and Super Cute Show Outfits

Have an event coming up but unsure of what to wear? Don't worry! We have your covered! 

When eventing you want to have a comfortable outfit for your horse but to draw the judge's eyes to you and to look coordinated it still has to look professional and matching. But not over the top colorful.

We have put together a few outfits for you and your horse that be matching but in a subtle effortless less way.

No.1 The Baby Blue Classic Look


We love this look! We have the boots matching the trim of the pad and to top that off the collar on the shirt has the same shade of baby blue. To make the outfit look clean we diced to match it with black riding boots and a black helmet. It would look amazing with a black saddle and bridle.

Ovation Helmet - $59.95

Horze Eventing Shirt - $49.99

Horze Riding Boots - $120

Tendon Boots - $29.99

White Breeches - $59.99

Saddle Pad - $39


No.2 Pink and Grey


One of the best color combinations is light pink and grey. Going all pink can sometimes be a little bit too much but if you wanna go for that just switch the grey pad to a pink one. 

Pink Shirt - $40

Pink Boots - $29.99

Grey Velvet Saddle Pad - $70

White Breeches - $59.99

Horze Riding Boots - $120

Ovation Helmet - $59.95

No.3 Luxurious Green and Red Look

There's something with this dark green that looks classy and luxurious. We love this bad and to match the red border we decided to go with red leg wraps. You could also switch to a red blazer and green leg wraps.

Leg Wraps - $17

Green Blazer - $79

Saddle Pad - $39.95

Horze Riding Boots - $120

White Breeches - $59.99