The Most Fun And Unique Saddle Pads

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The Most Fun And Unique Saddle Pads

It's fun to play around with different saddle pads, to match with your outfit or just to change things up. But some saddle pads can be really expensive so we decided to find the best saddle pad that won't break your wallet.

These saddle pads are really cute and unique, guaranteed you will be the only one in the stable owing one.


Antique Velvet Saddle Pad

These saddle pads are just... WOW! 
The shape is just so unique and the velvet makes this these pads look super luxury, and they're only about $33, what a steal!

velvet saddle pad

 GET THE PURPLE ONE HEREvelvet red saddle pad

velvet blue saddle pad




Dotted Saddle Pads

These pads are so cute and very unique. Stand out a little while riding with these cute polka-dotted saddle pads.

polka dotted saddle pad

Get the blue one here 

pink and blue polka dotted saddle pad

Get the pink and blue one here




Whale Saddle Pad

Have you ever seen a saddle pad with whales on it? Neither have we but we now want one. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?

whale saddle pad

Get it here for $23.77


Love Hearts Saddle Pad

This navy pad with bright pink hearts will look super cute and every horse!

heart velvet saddle pad

Get it here for $23.46






Make sure to wear a half pad between your pad and saddle to make it more comfortable for your horse. These are a few half pads we recommend you use:

1. Sheepskin saddle pads

faux sheepskin saddle pad

Sheepskin and fur are very soft and comfortable for your horse. It will also relieve pressure points and reduces friction caused by riding. Real sheepskin can be quite expensive and not ethically good so we would recommend you getting faux.

Get the faux sheepskin saddle pad we recommend HERE for $30.00


2. Foam Half Pad

A foam half bad like this one ver breathable and keeps the horse from getting to warm on their back. It also has silicone to keep the saddle in one place. A pad like this will keep your horses back from getting soar.

silicone saddle pad breathable

Get it HERE for $49.95