The Most Popular Horse Treats You Need To Get To Your Horse

1. Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets Horse Treats 

The Most Popular Horse Treats

Get it here for $16.25

Promising Review:

"Horses love them. My child takes riding lessons and the horses know she brings treats so they give her extra nudges for the apple treats. The bag is huge and a great price. I bought a much much smaller bag of treats at a store for the same price. These are great treats." -AJ



2. Super Stars Horse Treats

The Most Popular Horse Treats

Get it here for $7.95

Promising Review:

"These are nice, tiny natural treats without loaded sugar. My mare loves both ones we’ve tried, but really goes for this flavor! The little star shape fit perfectly in her treat ball toy which she bats around her stall many times a day to get a reward 😁" -Lainey S

3. Probios Horse Treats for Digestion Support

best and most popular horse treat digestion picky

Get it here for $17.88 

"Get it here for $ Promising Review: "Fed this to 3 different horses and all loved it. They were warmbloods and I gave them 4 at a time. One had been on a course of antibiotics from lymphangitis although she didn't have loose poo, she's an older mare so I thought it better to boost her gut a bit and she thoroughly appreciated the snacks haha" -Cindy Quek  

4. Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses

the most popular best horse treats

Get it here for $13.99

Promising Review: "Excellent treat for my thoroughbred mares. They spit out carrots, apples and peppermints. But when they see me carrying my bucket these grain cookies, they come right to me. My mare is pregnant to California Chrome. And he loves Mrs Pasture's cookies too. Hopefully, the foal will run like crazy to the finish line to get these horse treats like his parents love." -
K. A. Johnson

5. Rooster Booster Aloe Advantage Poppermints

horse treats best healthy picky

Get it here for $16.14

Promising Review:
"The horses LOVE these things.
I've never found a treat they wouldn't eat, but they seriously LOVE these.
We have a Morgan that has zero interest in hanging out with us.
He'd just as soon have nothing to do with people given the choice.
He doesn't come up to ask for treats or for scratches.
He'll eat a treat if you take it to him, but otherwise he couldn't care less.
But the day I broke these babies out, I couldn't get rid of him if I tried. Now that's saying something." -