You Need These Horse Products In 2020

You Need These Horse Products In 2020

Our favorite horse products that everyone should own! Hope you will enjoy this list. We will update you with any new products we find and that we love.

Kavallerie Saddle Pad

best saddle pad 2020I hope all of you have a saddle pad, for you and your horse's sake. But if you don't or need to upgrade I would suggest you buy this one. It's a gel pad that is designed to provide stability to the saddle and comfort to your horse’s back.

Promising Review:

"This is like no other pad I've ever seen. I bought it because my saddle was "bridging" and making my horses' back sore. I Looked at many, many built up pads before I decided on this. I didn't want anything that would have an edge where the built up part starts and ends as that would make a sore spot. I have used pads that were supposed to "stay in place" before. They would work out from under the saddle and spit out the back. I am amazed and pleased with the Kavallerie Horse Saddle Pad-Anti-Slip...It does everything it says it does. My horse moved out nicely because the saddle wasn't hurting him. We were out on the trail for 5-6 hours. Up and down mountains, gaiting, galloping, walking. This pad never moved. The service/ follow up from Kavallerie is pretty amazing too. They checked to see if I received my pad and reminded me of proper care instructions. I highly recommend the Kavallerie Horse Saddle Pad."

Get it from Amazon for $99.98


Fiebing's Golden Mink Oil

best horse oil 2020

You need to put this in everything you have in leather! It will not only make it look new but also make it waterproof.

Promising Review:

"This stuff is amazing!!! I have applied this mink oil to my Ariat Boots, Georgia Boots, two wallets, and my two leather holsters and have had great success! I will update this review throughout my experience with the product!"

Get it from Amazon for $8.14



If your horse is eating to fast or you want them to be distracted for a while I would recommend you getting a ball feeder. You just put the food in the hole and I will take a while for your horse to get it out.
Promising Review:
"I have broken ankle and am not able to get out and give my gelding and my mini the attention they are accustomed to. They loved them. It took them less than 30 seconds to figure out how to get the treats. Great price! Great toy."

Get it from Amazon for $18.92-29.99


Himalayan Pink Salt Lick with Minerals

IndusClassic Himalayan Animal Licking Pink Salt Lick Horse Cattles Pure with Minerals (6 LB)

Having a salt block in your horse's pasture or stall is good for multiple reasons. One, it's a natural source of sodium and mineral. Two, if your horse crib, having a salt stone will most likely make that decrease as they will lick the stone instead.

Get it from Amazon for $16.95


 Smart Riding Gloves

The biggest unnecessary problem when riding and being in the stable is having to take off your gloves when using your phone. Having real riding gloves that works on touchscreens is a timesaver and definitely something we recommend.



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